We are based in Edinburgh, the greatest city in the world for getting up close and personal with our favourite distilleries.
Of course! We work with a number of distilleries and our tours take in a number of fine bars. But we are always interested in new relationships – contact our Partnership Manager at cs@whiskiesmaster.com
We have offices in London & Hong Kong, and are always happy to meet up for a wee dram!

Subject to a satisfactory pass mark, you'll receive an exclusive numbered signed Certificate from our Chairman in Edinburgh, and a variety of exclusive Master of Whiskies Merchandise. If you work through our courses, you will be able to call yourself a true ‘Master of Whisky’

various programs that the institute offers, such as diploma programs, certificate programs, or short courses. Be sure to mention any specialized areas of study, such as distilling, blending, or tasting.

They are all on our Courses Pages – take a look: https://www.whiskiesmaster.com/course-introduction
Course level: Whisky courses can range from introductory level to advanced, so the length of the program will depend on the level of the course being taken.
If you join this course, you will gain the following advantages:
  1. Professional Guidance: Receive expert guidance from experienced instructors to help you systematically learn the knowledge and skills of whisky.
  2. Practical Opportunities: Gain rich practical experience by tasting and visiting distilleries to deepen your understanding of the whisky production process and quality standards.
  3. Industry Recognition: Upon completion of the course, you will receive industry-recognized certification, which will help you establish a reputation and career development in the whisky industry.
  4. Social Networking: Through the course, you will have the opportunity to meet professionals and enthusiasts in the industry, expand your social network, and stay updated on the latest industry trends.
  5. Employment Opportunities: After completing the course, you will possess professional-level knowledge and skills in whisky, enhancing your competitiveness in the job market and potentially opening up more job opportunities and career advancement prospects.