Matt McKay

Guest Tutor distillery director

Whisky creation and communications for TheDunphail on-site floor maltings, long fermentations and direct-fired distillations. the production of whiskies sourced for a new independent bottling operation

Richard Lefevre

Operations Manager

His whisky ‘eureka moment’ came as a marketing specialist looking after an account for a well established distillery.

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Sam Collins


With twenty years experience in the Asian Travel & Hospitality industry, and a background in the wine & spirits industry, Sam is a passionate supporter of democratising the whisky industry.

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Willington McEwan Johnson

Guest tutor

has produced whisky for, having spent 38 years at Bowmore prior to taking up his position with Bruichladdich. Since his retirement, Master of whiskies has consulted on projects including education with the tours tutor at scotland .

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Stephen Li

General Director of Southeastern China

A renowned alcohol beverage educator in China

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Guest tutor

Mr Hardingham started Ludlow Distillery 10 years ago with a small pot still and has been busy experimenting ever since. Finally, he said he has something he is happy with, and has shared knowledge with young visitor, he likes a lightly peated single malt whisky.

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Sammy Leung

Director of Asian Operations

Sammy is a veteran of the Hong Kong & China drinks industry. Whilst working as a wine importer and training as a master of wine, Sammy was recruited to bring his expert knowledge to share his understanding of sake through training schools in China.

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