Now you have gained your professional qualification, would you like to be able to teach Master of Whiskies Courses? 8 hours per days 3 days

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  • Duration: 08:00 Hours
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In the institute Training Train, the Trainer course you'll learn skills like how to create and teach from a session plan, how to create effective and engaging presentations, how to develop and administer assessment tools, understanding the various types of personality types and their learning styles and much more.

Participants also can deliver a "live" training session and receive feedback from the group. This highly effective Train the Trainer Course is designed for individuals who need to develop the training skills and confidence to teach adults in the workplace. This 3-Day, interactive training event is tailored to your specific requirements, which assures that the course can be directly applied to your workplace training requirements.

You will learn about your own personality type as well as other personality types and how to engage others in an entirely new way that provides a path to better communication and improved training skills.

Institute Training can provide a complete professional development program for your organisation which includes personality profiling and automated training needs analysis, so contact us today to learn more! These fun, high-energy training courses are delivered by experienced training either face-to-face or online.



This high impact, high intensity trains the trainer course is design defer individuals who need to hit the ground running and deliver professional training events in the workplace as soon as possible after course completion. The train the trainer course is accredited by a UK Awarding body which provides an internationally recognized certificate. This is not a box ticking exercise for passing assessments, this is for people who want or need to develop the skills to train professionally in today's busy workplaces.

This 3-day Train the Trainer Training Program is designed to benefit employees who are being asked to design and/or deliver training in the workplace. Participants learn about the learning needs and personality types of adults, planning and developing different types of training, delivering, and assessing the success of the training events and much more.


After Completing This Course Participants Will Have Learned to: 

  • Design a training course targeted for adult learners.
  • Plan the delivery of a course by ensuring that all the key elements of effective training are present.
  • Learn how to communicate one's message effectively.
  • Develop techniques to overcome barriers to learning.
  • Prepare and deliver a training session.
  • Learn to construct assessments to validate the learning.
  • Gain techniques for providing encouragement and coaching during the training process.
  • Create post-course evaluation forms.
  • Evaluate their peers and receive feedback from them during class.


Training can be delivered in person or online and includes all accreditation costs and quality assurance Training the Trainer Diploma is USD pp


TOPIC 1: Getting Started

Workshop Objectives
What are Your Expectations of Today? Getting Off on the Right Foot
Ground Rules
Characteristics of a Trainer Accelerated Adult Learning Instructional Methods Self-Reflection

TOPIC 2: Your Personality Style and Training REACH review
Comprehensive Training Guidance Self-Reflection

TOPIC 3: The Fundamentals of Training Three Pillars of Learning Effective Workplace Training Identifying Participants Needs Accelerated Adult Learning Instructional Methods Self-Reflection

TOPIC 4: Learning Preferences
One Learning Preference Doesn’t Fit All What’s my Learning Preference? Self-Reflection

TOPIC 5: How to Plan and Structure your Training Session Planning
Course Structure
Introduction Session

Organising the Content
How to Develop a Session Plan Reflection

TOPIC 6: Creating Your Lesson Plan Introduction
Main Content


TOPIC 7: Assess the Learning Assessment and Evaluation Functions of Assessment Tools

TOPIC 8: Verbal Communication Skills Para-Verbal Communication Skills Self-Reflection

TOPIC: 9 Effective Listening Listening vs Hearing Self-Reflection

TOPIC 10: Non-Verbal Communication Skills Understanding Body Language
How to Read Body Language
How to Project Positive Body Language Self-Reflection

TOPIC: 11 Asking Good Questions Questioning Styles Questioning Techniques Self-Reflection

TOPIC 12: Choosing Activity Types of Activities
Choosing the right Activities Self-Reflection

TOPIC 13: Preparing the Workshop
Materials Needed for handling a Tutor Programme Tasting and Learning Space Audit

TOPIC 14: Delivery Tips and Trick Budling Presentation equipment, venues setup
Delivery Tips

TOPIC15: How to Manage Challenging Situations and Personalities Barriers to Learning
Different Personas in a Group Training

Handling Challenging Situations & Interruptions Self-Reflection

TOPIC 16: Feedback Principles of Feedback Types of Feedback Feedback Delivery Tools Feedback using SBI Model Self-Reflection