cover the history and economic importance of the Scotch Whisky industry with a focus on production techniques 8 hours per day 2 days.

  • Category: Classes
  • Duration: 08:00 Hours
  • Address: Edinburgh, UK (Map)




If you’re seeking an enhanced knowledge of whisky, then our Connoisseur Level expands on the core subjects previously covered. We’ll cover the history and economic importance of the Scotch Whisky industry with a focus on production techniques – from barley to bottle. You will learn to distinguish the specific characteristics from different whisky types and styles, developing your understanding of:

1. Whisky regions

2. Introduction to world whisky styles and standards

3. The law and Scotch whisky

4. How to taste – gain knowledge in aroma, flavour and finish!

5. Responsible drinking

A midlevel whisky class is typically an intermediate level course or program that builds on the foundational knowledge of whisky obtained in a beginner course. These classes are designed for individuals who have some experience with whisky and want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the spirit.

In a midlevel whisky class, participants may learn about more advanced topics such as the influence of the distillation process on the final product, the impact of different types of wood used in aging, and the effect of climate on the maturation process. Additionally, they may learn about the art of blending, the history and culture surrounding whisky production, and the marketing and branding of different whisky styles and brands.

In terms of tasting, a midlevel whisky class may provide more in-depth guidance on the proper techniques for evaluating and appreciating the unique characteristics of different whisky styles. Participants may also have the opportunity to taste more rare and exclusive whiskies that are not typically available in beginner classes.

Overall, a midlevel whisky class is designed to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of whisky for individuals who are already familiar with the basics. It offers a more comprehensive exploration of the nuances and complexities of whisky, and provides a solid foundation for further exploration and discovery in the world of whisky.