This is an entry-level course for whisky lovers who would like to expand their knowledge of this special spirit. 8 hours a day

  • Category: Classes
  • Duration: 08:00 Hours
  • Address: Edinburgh, UK (Map)




A beginner whisky class typically refers to a course or program that introduces individuals to the basics of whisky, including its production, history, and flavors.

These classes are designed for individuals who are new to whisky or who have limited experience with the spirit. Participants will learn about the different types of whisky, such as Scotch, Irish, and Bourbon, and the key factors that influence their flavor profiles, such as the type of grain used, the aging process, and the region where they are produced.

A beginner whisky class may cover topics such as the basic vocabulary used to describe whisky, the proper way to taste and evaluate whisky, and the cultural and social significance of whisky around the world. Participants may also have the opportunity to taste and compare different types of whisky in order to better understand the nuances of flavor and aroma that distinguish different brands and styles.

Overall, a beginner whisky class is designed to provide participants with a foundation of knowledge that will allow them to appreciate and enjoy whisky with greater depth and understanding.